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Impact our Future

The World Water Community is a grassroots and community-led initiative that connects all who are dedicated to planetary healing of all Water. Water has no boundaries so neither does our community.

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we believe that we can change the world together

We are on a mission to purify, regenerate and revitalize our vital Water planet through empowering all of us who are passionate about Water.

Imagine that all of us active in different fields connected to Water came together from the purity of our calling, work locally, and experience how our work is interrelated and has impact globally. Together we discover new forms of collaboration across boundaries, disciplines and cultures.

We provide an open, accessible and inclusive collaborative space to join, connect and contribute.

We provide shared tools, services and guidance to support our members in spreading what they have to offer. The intention is that everyone can focus on what they are good at.

As a coherent community following the principles of Water we bring the solutions to change the World. Our collective awareness, wisdom, actions, and solutions are healing our Waters.

Stichting World Water Community non profit Foundation A green sea turtle swimming in the ocean.

Start Your Journey Today And Heal (Y)Our Waters

We look forward to welcoming you into our community.


Everine van de Kraats

Co-founder, Chair

Bastiaan Bosch

Co-founder, Secretary

Jan Willem Faessen


The World Water Community Foundation is Set Up To Support All People And Initiatives by Providing Solutions, Raising Awareness And Consciousness For Our Waters.

The World Water Community Foundation facilitates worldwide collaboration, (crowd)funding, marketing, realization and management of projects, products, services, research, innovation, education, events and movements across borders, organizations and disciplines towards healthy and vital Water and all life.

The World Water Community connects individuals on a global online platform. The platform is freely accessible for all people who are passionate about our Waters. Our interactive and personal touch sets this platform apart from other networking platforms for professionals who are working in water industries and commerce.

Our intention is that the activities of the foundation are funded through (member) donations, sponsors, subsidies and grants, as well as percentages of sales of courses, events, and solutions/services on our platform, in order to remain open for all who wish to heal the planet through healing our Water. Our aim is to facilitate (crowd)funding for regenerative water solutions and projects – worldwide – for years to come.

Our Water Code

Our World Water Community follows the laws of nature and forms a symbiotic unity. We believe that connecting across boundaries, disciplines and organizations unleashes our personal potential, activating a global workforce that achieves outcomes that each could not have achieved alone. Within our diversity lies our strength. With our passion for life – all our waters flow.

  • We stand for collaboration, transparency and purity
  • We value your engagement, skills and contribution
  • We value the uniqueness of your organization
  • We hold space to your ideas and personal growth
  • We believe that your essence can unleash miracles

The origin of the Foundation

The initiative for this community was taken by Everine van de Kraats and Bastiaan Bosch who spend their life working with the element of Water and research its link with all of life and Source consciousness. Their passion is bringing all parties together for the well-being of our Waters.

World Water Community Foundation

Organization information

Statutory name: Stichting World Water Community
Chamber of Commerce registration number: 84680172
RSIN/Tax number: 863312123

Contact details

Stichting World Water Community
Marconistraat 16
3029 AK Rotterdam
The Netherlands

Renumeration Policy

The members of the board do not receive any remuneration for their work, in accordance with article 3.5 of the articles of association. Expenses incurred in the performance of their duties may be reimbursed pursuant to the provisions of Article 3.5 of the Articles of Association, provided they are reasonably incurred and not excessive.

The foundation does not employ any staff and/or will reimburse volunteers at most the amount of the maximum compensation and provision pursuant to the volunteer compensation from Article 2, paragraph 6 of the Wages and Salaries Tax Act 1964.

Aim of Foundation

The aim of the foundation is: to facilitate worldwide cooperation, crowdfunding, marketing, realization and management of projects, products, services, research, innovation, education, events and movements across borders, organizations and disciplines for the benefit of healthy and vital water and all life and the performance of all that is connected with it or may be conducive thereto.

This purpose does not include making any distributions to the founder or to those who are members of the foundation’s bodies. Profits made from commercial fundraising activities fully benefit the main activity of the foundation.

Policy Plan & Annual Reports

Policy Plan  2021-2023

Annual report  2022

financial statement 2022


Gina Bria

Who? I am a cultural anthropologist dedicated to spreading hydration strategies from many cultures into today’s modern needs like health and agriculture. As founder of the Hydration Foundation, my passion is spreading the joy of and reverence for water.

Why WWC? I collaborate because it is the most real and lasting way to sustain life. Water is itself the ultimate collaborator. The water in me greets the water in you! By collaborating with each other, we practice the healing principle of water itself.

Fabio Huether

Eric Laarakker

Olivier Olmer

Jamie Conway

Who? At heart I’m a simple gardener, watching the World and applying whatever I can, wherever I can to enjoy the sunshine, whenever it can and however it can.

Why WWC? I joined the community to assist with global project development towards shared and realistic opportunities for people to better understand water together, for the equal benefit of eachother, within an environment that they are coming to understand as a direct mirror image of themselves.

Collaborating Donors