Gina Bria

Who? I am a cultural anthropologist dedicated to spreading hydration strategies from many cultures into today’s modern needs like health and agriculture. As founder of the Hydration Foundation, my passion is spreading the joy of and reverence for water.

Why WWC? I collaborate because it is the most real and lasting way to sustain life. Water is itself the ultimate collaborator. The water in me greets the water in you! By collaborating with each other, we practice the healing principle of water itself.

Fabio Huether

Eric Laarakker

Eric Laarakker DVM , is a scientist, veterinarian, entrepreneur, explorer, author, teacher, healthcare professional, developer of new forms of medication, healing techniques and devices and most of all an idealist.

Thanks to his pioneering work, more than 30 years of scientific research, together with a team of doctors, veterinarians, therapists, building biologists and scientists, succeeded in converting the electromagnetic frequencies into harmonic sound frequencies.

Olivier Olmer

Jamie Conway

Who? At heart I’m a simple gardener, watching the World and applying whatever I can, wherever I can to enjoy the sunshine, whenever it can and however it can.

Why WWC? I joined the community to assist with global project development towards shared and realistic opportunities for people to better understand water together, for the equal benefit of eachother, within an environment that they are coming to understand as a direct mirror image of themselves.