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Feel Connected
With The Source
Of All Life

The World Water Community is dedicated to the global-to-local healing and restoration of our planetary and internal Waters.

You Can Restore Our Waters. It's Up To You To Join The Mission.

For a world with healthy and thriving Water, we welcome all individuals, communities, organizations, businesses and institutions who are passionate about collaborating and sharing wisdom, knowledge, experience, solutions and resources.

The independent community platform provides a diverse ecosystem of tools and collaboration spaces for us to bring this vision into action and reality in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Simple Steps That Will Make a Big Difference

Join Our Community!

Interact with other members and join/create groups, forums, discussions around the topics that interest you or where you can contribute.

Find & Post In Our Directory

Search or add your organization, project, lab, etc. in our shared water directory and maps.

Join & Add Events

Sign up for events and manage your events in our events calendar, complete with ticketing and booking system.

Learn & Teach

Educate yourself and add your courses in our shared learning management system.

Add Your Solutions to Our Marketplace

Offer your services and solutions in our marketplace. You have your shop in our shop.

Donate For a Better World

Support our Foundation and our community.

A Coherent Community Can Heal Our Waters.

Make a Change.

Updated October 4th, 2022

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Stichting World Water Community non profit Foundation A woman's eyes are covered with a map of the world.

Don’t Look Away!
It’s Time To Make A Change.

Join us today and become a volunteer.

Our Members Love To Share Their Thoughts

Join our Community

Become an active member in our World Water Community to collaboratively and collectively raise awareness and consciousness about what Water really is and what solutions exist that can transform all aspects of our world.

Such as healthcare, energy, agriculture, food, relationships, and more…

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