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What we do

We support our community in various ways.

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Find out what we do to bring our vision of a global coherent Water community into reality.

Community Platform

The community platform is the heart of the World Water Community. Create and join groups, forums, discussions, connections, private messaging and more. Groups can form

Science & Education

Awareness and education are prominent on our agenda. We have a learning management systems for courses related to Water. Our members can request to become


Our multi-vendor marketplace is for and by our members. You can find water related products or services there. Items to buy, rent, trade or loan.

World Water Lab

A network of water scientists and labs collaborating to advance water science Research into water is different from the investigation of other substances because it

Maps & Directories

World Water Community offers numerous directories. These are maps with data relevant to Water around the world. This enables us all to connect globally and

Tools & Services

We offer our community members tools and services to bring their mission for Water into reality. We have invested in many products and solutions, such

Events Calendar & Management

The World Water Community services an events calendar for any type of water event all around the world. You can search on location, keywords, themes,

Resource Libraries

As the global water hub, we are collecting and creating libraries with Water related information, for the public, students and professionals. To learn about practically