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Information request form page for schools

The World Water Community aims to offer this WaterArt to students for as low-costs as possible, preferably for free, this depends on donors and sponsors 

It costs several millions to give 200.000 students an education package containing a (translated) booklet, glass petri-dish, measurement cup, implement an online Learning Management System (LMS), IT, and support team.

To give this project a GO, we need to know which schools:
– are interested (qty education packages)
– have a budget per student for this project
– are willing to support this project in an other way.
For example: local media attention, asking local businesses to sponsor, etc…

The total sum of all education packages needed, and available budget per student,
determines the amount we need to receive from donors and sponsors.

Time needed for order fulfillment of the education package is ± 45 days.
So, fill in this form right away or a.s.a.p. in order to join this WaterArt project.

Stichting World Water Community non profit Foundation A group of people using headsets in a call center.

Timeline - The Netherlands

From inventarization to Rollout

January 27, 2023
Last registration date to participate in this pilot.

01 February 2023
If sufficient budget is available, we will order teaching materials.

March 22, 2023  – Worldwater Day 2023
Launch WaterArt pilot project in the Netherlands

School application form