Information page for donors and sponsors

Yearly per leather layer, worldwide roll-out.

The World Water Community strives to offer WaterArt to students at the lowest possible cost, preferably free of charge, depending on donors and sponsors.

The costs of the required education packages, minus the budget available by schools, determines the remaining amount we need from donors and sponsors.

Payment of the petri dishes, etc., must be made with the order. This means that we only give a GO when there are sufficient donations and sponsors for this project.

If each company donates €10 annually, we can do this annually per lesson layer.


If you would like to donate an amount, please fill in the Donor form below.
because we strive for 100% open accountancy, this is linked to our donation overview. You will then be redirected to the Stripe payment system.


Do you want your (company) name and logo on our special sponsor page and/or in the printed lesson booklet that all students receive, and a sponsor backlink that you are one of the sponsors of this WaterArt project?

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World Water Community is a Dutch TAX-deductible nonprofit Foundation

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